Calvaria- The P2E battle card game set beyond the veil of death. Duel, earn and upgrade your cards to become the ultimate force on the battlefield.

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What is Card Game Duels of Eternity?

Card Game Duels of Eternity is a real-time multiplayer game where players compete with each other. Players can collect cards which represent heroes, artifacts, creatures and spells. Players will be able to build decks with their favorite hero combinations.

Players will be able to play games against the computer or against other players. The player can choose to play in casual mode, constructed mode or draft mode. Casual and constructed modes are self-explanatory while draft mode will require a player to build a deck from a smaller pool of cards.

How Does The Blockchain Interact With Card Game Duels of Eternity?

The blockchain is used to store the information of each card. This allows us to create a unique identity for each card that can be verified on the blockchain. A token is an asset associated with a specific blockchain address. It is similar to an account that can hold balances.

The difference is that the details of each token are stored on the blockchain, and cannot be changed once they are set up. This means that anyone can easily verify the balance of a token at any time by checking on the blockchain.

The most important change for users is that they will no longer need to worry about their cards being lost or stolen. If a card is lost or stolen, the user can simply log in and request a new card. The card will be issued with a different identity number and the player’s collection will be updated.

For the purposes, the blockchain is a distributed ledger that allows us to safely store and keep track of any transaction. In Calvaria case, the cards stored on the blockchain will have a unique identity that can be verified on the blockchain. This means that these cards cannot be duplicated or forged.

Calvaria is a combination of a card game and a blockchain game that allows players to earn the cards they use. This game is intended to be played by anyone who wants to try it regardless of their technical ability to interact with the blockchain. The game’s rules and mechanics are similar to the traditional card games that we have been playing for a long time. There is a game board, cards, and tokens. Players interact with the game board by playing their cards.

The basic difference lies in the fact that all of the tokens used in this game will be ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that the players don’t need to rely on the central servers to handle their tokens and they can use their own Ethereum wallets to play.

The cards are ERC721 tokens as well. Each card has a unique identity that can be verified on the blockchain. This means that these cards cannot be duplicated or forged in any way.

$RIA And $eRIA Tokens Utilities

The developers will also be using an Ethereum token called $RIA for users to purchase in-game items, play games, and vote on matters regarding the development of the game.

The $RIA token is a utility token that will be used to purchase packs in the game. Then, for $eRIA tokens are used for buying certain T4 and T5 cards.

The $RIA token will be used to set player prices and will also be used as a revenue stream in its own right, as some players may want to use it to sell their cards. In addition, there will be DoE tokens which reward users who hold them with dividends from the sale of card packs or any other activity on the platform that generates profit.

When you buy a pack, the $RIA token will be sent from your address to the contract address of Card Game Duels of Eternity. The contract will then send the appropriate amount of $RIA tokens to your account.

Calaveras NFTs Are Tokens That Represent A Digital Asset

The blockchain acts as a public ledger that records all transactions that take place on it. Each token has a unique identity number and is assigned to one or multiple addresses on the blockchain. When the token is traded or transferred, this information is updated and visible to anyone who wishes to see it.

Calaveras is using the NFT standard for in-game assets, meaning that each card will have a token associated with it. This allows us to verify that no two cards are identical and also prevents people from copying cards and claiming they are rare.


While there are plenty of new digital collectibles to choose from, Calvaria stands as one of the most exciting. It allows players to be a part of a customizable world, with virtual assets that they can truly call their own.

In Calvaria, the $RIA cards are used within the game to level up your collection of $eRIA cards and unlock new features, making them never lose their value.

There will undoubtedly be more games like this in the future, but Calvaria is an excellent start to this burgeoning technology.

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