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About Monopoly Millionaire (MMG)

Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) is a very good quality monetary game box intended for NFT money and game creation. NFT makes all tokens in this task. To get the value, all financial backers should freely buy tokens. In the event that you purchase tokens as a MMG financial backer, you will get 5% of the profit from the ERC-20 Symbolic exchange. At regular intervals, the undertaking party will give profits to financial backers by buying Ethereum on the optional market utilizing cash. Restraining infrastructure Tycoon (MMG) is an Ethereum-based NFT innovation. It consolidates NFT finance with gaming. The Imposing business model Tycoon game box is a gaming item that joins blockchain innovation and has the properties of computerized resources and course. Coming up next are the particular working guidelines:

  • As per the blockchain’s goal, we will lay out a decentralized venture bank through the MMG and move worldwide financial backers to put resources into the blockchain. All assets are available to the general population, and all gains are conveyed to financial backers.
  • MMG is a fresh out of the box new NFT adventure. This advanced resource token (MMG) follows similar guidelines as conventional tokens. Its not set in stone by shortage and market organic market. MMG is strange in that it tends to be changed over into standard monetary resources. Profits will be paid to MMG holders in view of venture execution.

How Is it Different from other project?

Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) is first computerized cash thing! It gets past the particular hypothesis of the standard mechanized cash, and contains both endeavor and entertainment. The MMG game relies upon the Ethereum blockchain DAPP, in this game, you can use ETH to buy MMG tokens, upgrade your house and even plunder other players’ properties. Besides, you can similarly participate in airdrops, store and withdrawal benefits, trade limits, etc These features have created a more huge Imposing business model Tycoon natural framework. Restraining infrastructure Tycoon (MMG) is a super money gaming store, made to help NFT and game new development. In this endeavor, all tokens are created by NFT. All monetary benefactors need to buy the tokens transparently to get the worth. Imposing business model Tycoon (MMG) is KIMEX’s first computerized cash offering! It goes past the standard computerized cash’s single venture by joining speculation and diversion. The MMG game is based on the Ethereum blockchain DAPP. You might spend ETH to obtain MMG tokens, raise your house level, and even plunder other players’ property in this game. You can likewise partake in airdrops, store and withdrawal interest, and exchange refunds, in addition to other things. These components added to the formation of a more worthwhile Syndication Mogul climate.


The game purposes the NFT token to make an authentic experience by getting and trading land from a decentralized NFT business focus. There are 6 unmistakable levels of property in the game. The higher the level, the more exorbitant it is, and the more rent it gets every day. To totally participate in the fun of Syndication, we have moreover made 6 sorts of special cards (Possibility and Local area Chest). Whenever you get one of these cards, you can get contrasting prizes. You may be relied upon to cover loads or get free halting tickets. You may in like manner have the choice to push ahead or in turn around on the board for nothing, or get a couple of other interesting awards! Client may at whatever point recuperate its NFT at a rebate cost lower than the primary sticker price, yet not more than the principal sticker price. This makes it possible to trade the acquired property to MMG. The value of the not totally settled by:

  • The amount of land you own;
  • The amount of prestigious land you own;
  • Their level of unmistakable quality.
  • Expecting a player holds a NFT and has no more money open, he can either sell that NFT or a property guaranteed by that NFT so he can deal with his commitments.
  • Subsequently, players can include their virtual assets as assurance to stay aware of their advantage in the game.


MMG’s Toy Asset will be the world’s most useful environmental EOS series. MMG game box can make a vital crossroads for cryptographic cash games and Dapp games. Moreover, with its accentuation on NFT development, MMG game box can ship off a colossal degree commotion in the mechanized asset trading market. It is a model where both the originator and the player win — they can not simply make gains by selling in-game things, yet also through trading. MMG is a decentralized and shrewd gaming store with a total game spread of 3 billion, using NFT which is unbelievably intriguing.


  • Initially, MMG 1–3 games will convey as toy chest basics including blind chests, chess, games and World Cup games. MMG will put monstrous remunerations in games, and players ought to consume MMG to get valuable chances to become moguls. Gaming rewards come from speculation store, game help charge, NFT trade cost, publicizing cost, etc
  • The second piece of MMG game box: MMG will cultivate a game creation stage and a game agonizing resource at the same time established in the thing gathering and fans neighborhood MMG. The made games will be officially worked inside Enchantment Game Box and all of the clients can play it to no end with no charge for the game substance itself.
  • The third piece of MMG game box: Wizardry Game Box is a generally excellent quality entertainment place where clients can see the value in extremely extravagant understanding. You can login MGB, get a NFT card by consuming MMG or ETH/BTC, then, enter the nook to play various players (each player has one record). There are three sorts of rooms in different levels: ordinary room, celebrity room and luxury room. This enormous number of rooms have different segment edges (MMG use) and betting cutoff points (usage of ETH/BTC). In case you overwhelm in a match,

Coming up next is the emblematic limit (midway)
· Permission to organization
· Purchase MMG land;
· Buy MMG market things to make MMG experience;
· Pay to an architect to make a MMG experience;
· Get repaid from various clients who need to experience;
· Client ship off experience;
· Clients buy things from the MMG experience
· Get repaid from supports;
· Virtual space lease
· Pay for audit/affiliation


Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) is an incredibly notable social game with an enormous number of players all around the planet. NFTs can be purchased with cash or ETH. They are moreover used in trading. The tokens that are traded are insinuated as NFTs. The value of these still hanging out there by their current market regard and their future worth, not permanently set up by their actual limit with respect to long stretch returns. Placing assets into the primary offer of load of the NFT market has never been more direct.

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