The IKONIC platform — Bringing fans and Esports stars together to create, collect, and earn from the best moments in gaming.

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There has been a great shift in the gaming world for many years, however, this movement has opted for an opportunity by IKONIC to give fans and users privilege to own and share the most finest moment in esport history. IKONIC will also grant businesses and esport events to make millions of dollars a new way to connect with their audience. Video clips and spectacular gaming features will be minted into NFTs easily with a click or multiple clicks which will be listed and be ready for trading on IKONIC marketplace.

Get to Know About Ikonic and Its Range of Opportunities

IKONIC is not just a marketplace. It is a community movement. As a community, the passion for gaming is a powerful force that together great things can be achievable such as;

creating a platform for a new business structure with gaming services which will allow new exciting and innovating game tittles.

Creating a launchpad which will create wealth for everyday gaming on the metaverse for IDIE block chain games.

creating and expanding a market for all in-game assets which will sustain creation and will help strive forward.

IKONIC has visions to explore which are; The esport boom and the earthquake of block chain gaming. This visions provide opportunities and represent colossal economic opportunity in it’s own right despite being a part of the greater gaming metaverse. IKONIC will build businesses of both trends at the same time and draw into the rich, synergistic potential opportunity that exist between them.

Opportunities Created by Ikonic

The ways in which IKONIC create opportunities are; Game clips to NFT in seconds, IKONIC NFT marketplace, showing off your NFT, premiere esport partnership, gaming as a service, and launchpad for IDIE games.

  • Game clips to NFTs: IKONIC will offer users a seamless video clip to NFT minting experience. It will make it easy and fun to add simple edits and flourishes video content like unique templates and filters on Instagram and tiktok. It is also accessible and fun to everyone. It will further develop a mass- market friendly platform for amateur and pro gamers to mint and share gaming moments with fans and friends. Also, royalties and sublicensing rights will be available for users on the platform.
  • Ikonic Marketplace: The IKONIC marketplace is a fully developed marketplace community that focuses on game-clips NFT by making it easy for users to unlock monetary value directly from their recorded gameplay experience.
  • Premier Esport Partnerships: IKONIC will give the top spirr teams extraordinary opportunities to connect with their fans abr grow their popularity. These partners will also benefit from IKONIC friendly, large marketplace and social experience by celebrating amazing video gaming moments. They will also be able to make use of sublicensing features in IKONIC NFT templates to generate new and exciting ways to create revenue and fans engagement.
  • Gaming as a Service: Ths is Ikonic’s new business model that allows the world to see more amazing gaming creation where game developers will trust that they have large player base to share them with. This service offers IKONIC community users the opportunity to access a large library of exciting titles, all for a month subscription fee. This idea is inspired from Netflix.

Ikonic Network Token (IKONIC) & Its Tokenomics

IKONIC is minted in BSC blockchain with a total supply of 2.5 billion tokens that will fuel the economy of the gaming metaverse. IKONIC network token is a community smart contract that will begin by taking a look at the rewards obtain by the passionate community. It will then be ready for launching, then move on to a broader exploration of their reward designs. IKONIC will plan and examine how they interprete with natural community building on IKONIC. IKONIC is going to unlock a very large marketplace with it’s core NFT products and services. find tokenomics below.

Token Emission Schedule

  • Seed- 3% unlocked at listing, 97% vests daily over 18 months beginning day 181 after listing (approximately 5% per month)
  • Strategic- 5% unlocked at listing, 95% vests daily over 12 months beginning day 91 after listing (approximately 8% per month)
  • Public- 20% unlocked at listing, 80% vests daily over 3 months beginning day 1 after listing (approximately 27% per month)
  • Advisors- Vests daily over 30 months, beginning day 181 after listing (approximately 3% per month)
  • Team and Company- Vests daily over 36 months, beginning day 361 after listing (approximately. 3% per month)
  • Ecosystem and Referrals- Vests daily over 35 months, beginning day 31 after listing (approximately 3% per month)
  • Development- Vests daily over 48 months, beginning day 361 after listing (approximately 2% per month)
  • Marketing and Operation- Vests daily over 45 months, beginning day 91 after listing (approximately. 2% per month)
  • Liquidity and LIstings-20% unlocked at listing, 80% vests daily over 16 months beginning day 1 after listing.
  • Community Rewards- Emissions set by uptake of reward promotions on network.
  • General Reserve- Vests daily over 48 months, beginning day 361 after listing (approximately. 2% per month)

Meet the Team

In Conclusion

Blockchain has done quite well in bringing the idea of gaming and nfts to a very valuable reality, Ikonic is one remarkable solution that will bring traders, gamers and e-sport celebrities together to create, collect and trade values from each moment they spend in metaverse ecosystem.


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